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SAFE data Terms of Use
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Alpha Vantage
Alpha Vantage is an external service that provides an API to download financial and economic data. It includes security prices, macroeconomic data, news, company fundamentals etc.
Users can get a free API key in order to download data.
The standard API usage limit is 5 API requests per minute and 500 API requests per day. A single API request can provide a full time series for a single company. A Premium Membership allows a user to download more data.
Alpha Vantage
Central Banks Data: Securities Lending
The securities purchased by the ECB and Eurosystem central banks under the various large scale asset purchase programmes (PSPP, CSPP) are made available for securities lending since mid-2015.
The aim of the securities lending framework is to support bond and repo market liquidity through various lending arrangements ranging from bilateral lending to lending relying on specialized securities lending agents or on the lending infrastructure of international central securities depositories.
The terms of the lending contracts, i.e. collateral eligibility, pricing, haircut, term and counterparty eligibility; are determined at the individual central bank level to accommodate domestic infrastructures and market practices.
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Eurex Repo Data: GC Pooling Baskets
GC Pooling offers different pre-defined baskets for trading:
• GC Pooling® ECB Basket
• GC Pooling® ECB EXTended Basket
• GC Pooling® INT MXQ Basket
• GC Pooling® Equity Basket

The respective components and haircuts are listed in the files below.
• GC Pooling® ECB Basket
Based on the Eligible Assets Database (EAD) the GC Pooling® ECB Basket covers approximately 3,000 ECB eligible securities. The basket composition is adapted to LCR Level 1 criteria. This basket enables the re-use of received collateral for refinancing within the framework of ECB/Bundesbank open market operations, the GC Pooling® market and Eurex Clearing Margining (possible for customers with Xemac access).
• GC Pooling® ECB EXTended Basket
Based on the Eligible Assets Database (EAD) the GC Pooling® ECB EXTended Basket covers around 14,000 ECB eligible securities. This basket enables the re-use... read more
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German historical financial data
Freely data available for Germany for the period 1871-1914.
In addition, 8 other data sets have been collected from previous work at the Center for Financial Studies.
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histat - Historical Time Series
Histat was developed in GESIS by Jürgen Sensch, Rainer Metz, and Gabriele Franzmann and released in 2004. The online platform has the function of making time series from historical, economic and social science research accessible. On October 15, 2021, histat moved to SAFE. New studies are frequently imported into histat.
The registration, the use of histat as well as the download of data from histat are free of charge.
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Preliminary version of the dataset historical company data 1920 - 1940
This preliminary dataset is generated from the historical source "Handbuch der Deutschen Aktiengesellschaften" and is at an early stage.
We provide access to researchers from the field of economic history that are providing support in finalizing the dataset.
Once completed, the dataset will be made publicly available.
Data Usage Agreement required